A Dose Of Energizer Car Battery For Your Car

Energizer made their name from their trademark of batteries. It is not now only available from shelves and cameras but to automotive batteries as well .

Even at the highest temperature of desert, the composition of energizer car battery has been designed and tested for lifelong conditions .

Energizer car battery is also made to use for ancillary car systems, alarms, digital keyless entry, and garage door openers .

From the good warranty program that energizer car battery has, it is made with durability and standards to have maximum starting power, superior durability plus a long life alloy for corrosion protection.

Apart from the 24-month free replacement, energizer car battery also have an 84-month pro-rata warranty. From its automotive battery product registration, the 3-year free emergency jumpstart comes along .

Johnson Control holds Energizer Car Battery as their house brand with a 6-year warranty . Because Energizer doesn’t have online registration, it would be wise to keep your receipt and present it to the store when needed .

When you purchase your Energizer car battery, you have to surrender your old battery .

Compare to other batteries, Energizer Car Battery have 6-years warranty than the usual 6 months – 1 year warranty, and customers are happy about it .

If an old battery is not available, a deposit $10 is applicable but can be refunded by the next time you have provided an old battery upon the next purchase of an Energizer Car Battery .

Store giving sales to this battery, like Walmart will give you a pro-rated credit once the Energizer Car Battery fails to perform continuously in 5 months .

In pro-rated credit, you are entitled to make a replacement for the same item or equivalent to the total amount that you have paid.