Basics of Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are medical equipment that can substitute a wheelchair. It is utilized by people who have mobility problems like elderly people or those that have conditions that disables their walking ability. Mobility scooters can also be for recreational purposes or as a utility tool for moving quickly into another place.

Almost all mobility scooters are electric and utilizes batteries, and only a small percentage still run on gas. There are models that have three wheels and there are also four wheel models. The former is lighter and more agile but it is not as stable as its four-wheeled counterpart so it is not recommended for medical use. There are also models that are ideal for outdoor use only while others may be used for both indoors and outdoors. In addition, some models may be disassembled for portability purposes such as putting it in a car trunk.

The features of mobility scooters may differ based on the model and manufacturer.

Several have pivoting chairs for a more convenient transferring of a patient. Some have horns and lights for road safety purposes. Several have baskets for storage and carrying. Most mobility scooters have the reverse function which is truly important for riders who cannot walk and are stuck in a certain location.

Mobility scooters offer great advantages over normal and even powered wheelchairs. First, it is not tiring to operate like a normal wheelchair. This is specifically important for people that have medical issues that make them weary easily and also for elderly people. Additionally, there is a stigma of disability that society correlates with wheelchairs and therefore some patients do not want to be seen in one. Moreover, mobility scooters have better overall features and are generally more affordable than motorized wheelchairs.

However useful mobility scooters are, they also have their limitations. The main issue is the size of mobility scooters as they are sometimes too long to fit in elevators or bus lifts. Their length also makes them more challenging to turn on tight corners. Nonetheless, despite these limitations, mobility scooters are still a wonderful and practical transportation utility for moving in open areas.