Tips For Electric Scooter Repair

Scooter repair may not be easy for most people particularly if it is an electric one as it is not as common as its gas powered counterparts. Additionally, the repair shops for electric scooters are not that many so it is practical to know the basics of electric scooter repair. Here are some simple tips that you can follow when repairing your electric scooter:

Maybe one of the most ordinary scooter problem is when the scooter is not moving at all. You have a few options on how to do this kind of scooter repair. First you can check the rear clutch which is the brass colored ring that is directly connected to the side of the read sprocket. If the chain is rotating but the scooter isn’t moving, then you have to replace the rear clutch.

An additional problem could be the throttle. If the speed display is not lighting up when you operate the throttle, then the problem lies with the throttle or its connecting parts. Alternatively, you can also check if the problem is in the engine by directly linking it to the battery. If it does not respond, then you’ll know that you should have it looked by a professional.

A further electric scooter repair matter that you may face is when the scooter is not charging at all. The charger could be the issue so check its connecting components. You can also check if it is working by using a volt meter. The voltage must be within 12V-24V for 12 Volt chargers. 24V-28V for 24 Volt chargers, and 36V-38V for 36 Volt chargers. Purchase a new charger if the voltage it produces do not correspond within these proper ranges.

The other components that you should examine when performing this kind of electric scooter repair are the fuse and connections inside the scooter. The fuse protects the controller from internal shock and if it is overloaded, then your charger will definitely not work. As for the connections within the scooter, you can inspect them by detaching the scooter cover.

While the things that were discussed here are simple, having knowledge about electric scooter repair can save you a lot of money and trips to your mechanic.