A Smart Choice: AAA Defensive Driving Class

AAA has always been known for emergency roadside assistance programs and has more recently been known for travel assistance and discounts for rentals and hotels during travel. AAA has know begun to expand its services to provide insurance and safety help in a variety of areas, including AAA defensive driving classes for teens as well as other high risk drivers, such as those with many points on their driving records or for those who have been caught driving drunk or under the influence of another substance that impairs reaction time. In addition, AAA provides traffic safety signs for around construction sights, campaigns for safe driving in different communities, bicycle safety programs for children and adults, and many other programs. There are also AAA defensive driving classes available for people over sixty-five years old so that they can continue to keep their licenses as long as it is safe for everyone involved.

AAA Defensive Driving Class – One of the Best

AAA defensive driving classes are some of the best on the market today, much of which is due to the care and effort that goes into researching what is needed for the classes and the specialty that AAA provides in regard to traffic safety and avoiding accidents and emergencies at all costs. Most of the AAA defensive driving classes will cost around seventy-five dollars, although there are some discounts and the classes prices may vary from state to state. Since AAA is a respected provider, most states also approve the AAA defensive driving classes as an alternative to the state provided classes, which gives individuals more options in regard to class times and the specific type of class that is needed for their situation.

Although there are free defensive driving classes on the market today, these are usually classes to be wary of, since most are not approved by the state or by insurance companies to give the information needed to reduce fines for traffic violations, or to reduce insurance rates for high risk individuals. It is very important that individuals check with their state’s DMV office to get a list of courses that are approved, and also to check with their insurance company to see which ones are approved by that organization. Often, AAA defensive driving classes will be on both of these lists since AAA is a respected organization and usually provides a high amount of expertise and security when running these courses, thus assuring the government and insurance agencies that individuals are retaining the information that they need to be safer drivers.