Being Careful of Free Defensive Driving Classes

When an individual is looking for a defensive driving class, for whatever the reason, he will want to make sure that the defensive driving class is approved by the agency that is requiring the certification. There are certain classes that are offered by different organizations that claim cheap and fast ways to obtain a defensive driving certification, but are not necessarily valid in that particular state, or are not valid for a particular insurance company. There are even free defensive driving classes that are offered, especially online, but these are often scams with hidden costs within the course that will have to be paid, making the course cost about as much as a valid defensive driving course costs.

Free Defensive Driving Classes Helpful Tips

When searching for a defensive driving course, the first step is to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state and ask for a list of defensive driving classes and see if there are any free defensive driving classes. Most of the time there will not be any that are offered for free that are certified by the state. If the class is not needed for traffic court but only needed for insurance companies, then the individual needs to check with the insurance company for a list of approved defensive driving classes. With insurance companies, it is more likely that an individual can find a free defensive driving class that is approved, since the insurance company will sometimes offer these classes at a greatly reduced price or for free for their customers.

Besides certification issues, it is important to also check for hidden costs with free defensive driving classes. Often the class will be offered for free but the individual will have to pay for the exam and also to have the certificate shipped to the organization that needs the proof of the class. In other cases, the free defensive driving class catches the individual’s attention with the word ‘free’ but when the individual checks into it more carefully, the only thing that is ‘free’ is the shipping on the certificate, or the exam is free with the class registration costs. It is also important to check with these free defensive driving classes to see what help will be given with the class. This is especially important with online classes since individuals are really stuck if something goes wrong with technology and they cannot finish the course for some reason, being unable to get help.