Defensive Driving Instructor Certification: Incorporate Tried And Tested Adult Learning Principles

Defensive driving instructor certification can help you learn how to teach defensive driving to others in a more confident as well as competent manner. Once you have completed defensive driving instructor certification you can then incorporate the proven and tried and tested adult learning principles into your presentation and also learn how to practice more effective instructional techniques.

Defensive Driving Instructor Certification: Completing Different Stages

To obtain defensive driving instructor certification requires completing several stages of the course that begins with a pre-requisite course and which is then followed by an instructor’s course. As for course content, there are several subjects that you will need to learn about before you qualify for defensive driving instructor certification.

Subjects such as Highway Traffic Act as well as Principles of Effective Training are taught in the defensive driving instructor certification course. Defensive driving instructor certification is also especially more suitable for people that have been entrusted the responsibility of training others in an organization. Therefore if you are employed as a fleet trainer or OH & S Coordinator or as human resource specialist, obtaining defensive driving instructor certification will stand you in good stead.

Normally, defensive driving instructor certification is only given to those candidates that have successfully completed each stage of the certification course. Other requirements that must be met in order to get defensive driving instructor certification include attending the minimum number of classes, and attending in-house training classes. In addition, you will also need to successfully complete ‘audition’ classes and furthermore you need to schedule time in order to pass the state’s defensive driving instructor test.

Defensive Driving Instructor Certification

Another aspect to obtaining defensive driving instructor certification is that you need to enroll in a school that is reputable and which provides quality defensive driving instructor training. In addition, it will also help to enroll in a school where the curriculum is approved by the state in which the school is located.

You would also do well to look for schools that help you with defensive driving instructor certification through online teaching. Fortunately, there are a number of online schools that provide the requisite knowledge and training. It would pay to also check them out.

Defensive training involves learning the correct driving skills that will teach ordinary drivers the proper techniques to keep their vehicles under control at all times and to also learn the importance of adhering to traffic laws. It teaches you about how to avoid dangerous situations and at the same time show you how to avoid driving recklessly and being alert to the reckless acts of other drivers.