Driving Instructors

Learning how to drive is one of the basic skills that young people would want to acquire all over the world. There are many driving schools offering lessons that would hopefully make a driver pass the required test needed in acquiring a driverĀ“s license. Nevertheless, one factor that contributes in passing the test is having a good driving instructor. What are driving instructors? For one, they are definitely a notch higher than ordinary drivers since they need to undergo rigorous training, testing, and accreditation. In the United Kingdom, they are often referred to as Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

An ADI must pass several levels of testing before he can be fully registered according to the standards by the Driving Standards Agency. No individual can charge for services of teaching driving in UK unless he is an ADI, violating this law can end up being prosecuted by the law. At first, individuals planning to become driving instructors should be at least 21 years of age but this must include experience in driving a vehicle for at least three years. Technically, one can be apply for ADI when he/she is at least 24 years old.

Experience is important since driving styles would be evaluated during the exam. On top of this, driving instructors must have also passed a qualification exam that includes theory test and practical application; however, it must be kept in mind that the tests are much more difficult than the usual driverĀ“s test. A would be ADI would need to pass the theory test first before undergoing two practical tests within a year after passing the theory examination. The good news about such training is that the government does provide free tuition to those who are interested.

This makes people want to become driving instructors since there are a lot of job opportunities for ADI. Drivers working as chauffeur in most private organizations or rich families are compensated well. Another advantage of becoming a driving instructor is that one possesses a good background record well-sought by employers. Usually, a person who wants to be an accredited driving instructor must not have any criminal records no matter how petty they maybe. So if one is an accredited driving instructor, then he has a clean background. For further inquiries about this career, contact the government agency in charge of regulating drivers. Each country has its own regulations in accrediting driving instructors.