Driving Terms That You Should Know

If you´re new to driving, it´s very easy to get confused will all the new driving terms that you have to learn. On the other hand, if you´re an experienced driver, getting certain driving terms mixed up is also very likely to happen. However, for both problems, there is only one solution, know the driving terms that are most commonly used. Here are some of them.

Aggressive Driving – is the driving term used to give name to one or more traffic offenses.

Angle Parking – an angled parking space designed to accommodate more cars.

Blind Spots – certain places such as roads or zones that is not visible to the driver in the rear view mirror or side mirrors.

Carpool Lanes – these are the lanes that are reserved for public vehicles such as buses and cars that have two or more passengers.

Double Parking – an illegal and improper way of parking your car in which you are blocking the way of others cars that are properly parked thus making them stuck.

Emergency Flasher – also called hazard lights, these lights are turned on whenever the driver is in need of help or are in any sort of emergency.
Emission Testing – this type of testing is done in certified stations in order to test the fumes that your car is emitting.

Over steering – this driving term is used whenever you steer your steering wheel too fast or too much.

Parallel Parking – this is the type of parking style where in you have to park between two cars next to a curb.

Perpendicular Parking – this type of parking on the other hand required cars to be parked beside each other.

School Zone – this driving term does not simply refer to zones near schools. In these zones, the speed limit is only 15-25mph.

Tailgating – this driving term means driving too close to a car. This can cause an accident which is why you should avoid tailgaters at all cost. Let them pass you by or change lanes.

There are lots of driving terms that are currently being used. Although they change from time to time, always remember that you always have to be aware of these changes.