Finding the Right Defensive Driving Class

There are different ways to take a defensive driving class and there are many different organizations that provide them today, even online classes are available in some states. The most important piece of information to find out about the defensive driving class is whether it is approved by the state in which the individual lives. If it is not, the person should not waste money on the class since it will not count to help their driving record and often not help with their insurance costs either. There are some organizations that are approved in most states, such as AAA defensive driving classes, since AAA is an organization specializing in traffic safety and has been established for some time.

Defensive Driving Class – What to Expect

Most defensive driving classes that are approved by the state and by insurance companies cost anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars, with the average class costing at right about seventy-five dollars. There are some defensive driving classes that are given through the state, such as by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The classes usually meet in the evenings once or twice per week and some are also held on Saturdays, although this is more common with privately owned companies rather than state classes. These class times are to help accommodate business people who work during the day and cannot attend class during work hours.

Defensive driving classes usually cover the laws of the road so that traffic safety is refreshed in the minds of all of the students in the class. There are classes that are designed for all sorts of different students, such as those who are risky drivers, having many traffic violations, to those who have had DUIs, new drivers, and teen drivers. There are also some classes that are designed for senior citizens, since insurance companies will often increase the rates for drivers who are over the age of fifty-five, considering them more risky than younger drivers. If the senior citizen takes the defensive driving class and becomes certified, then he can reduce his rates again in many cases.

After the course is completed, the individual will have to tell where the defensive driving class certificate should go so that an official version can be given to the state or insurance company for their verification. This will help the individual to receive a lower insurance rate again in some cases, or will help them to gain their license again or reduce the fines on a traffic ticket.