Road Safety 101: Driving Laws

If you want to avoid traffic violations, tickets and possible jail time, you have one other option other than not driving at all. That is none other than being aware of the driving laws that are currently in effect. Although driving laws differ from state to state, each law has a bottom line which is applicable in all states. Here is a quick overview of the driving laws that you should always keep in mind especially if you´re on the road.

Receiving a traffic violation ticket is not necessarily a bad thing. If you accept the ticket and agree to go to traffic school or take online traffic courses, then your traffic violation won´t reflect on your driving record. Insurance companies and banks will not be able to see them. However, always remember that one course in traffic school can only cover one traffic violation so don´t get any ideas.

Although going to traffic school will make your driving record clean, you are not completely off the hook. The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV keeps track of all your traffic violations. One thing that is consistent about driving laws is that the DMV is going to be the one to assess your violation points. However, the violation points that you will receive will depend on the type of your license.

The DMV is not the only one that has the power to suspend your driving license if you break certain driving laws. In certain cases, a presiding court judge can also suspend your license or in some cases, revoke it completely, if you don´t follow driving laws.

Going over the speed limit will always be considered speeding no matter where you are. Different roads have different speed limits which is why you should always be on the look out for signs that tell the speed limit.

If you don´t stop at a red light, that will always be a violation as well.

Another thing worth remembering about driving laws is that zero tolerance applies to any drug and alcohol related traffic violations. Aside from that, this policy also applies to those who refuse to take chemical tests.