Safety Tips For Driving Defensively

When we drive, we can only control ourselves – not anyone else. If someone else is driving too fast, and loses control of their car, we can’t slow their car down or get it under control – only they can. If someone runs a red light, the best we can do is be out of their way. The key is to be a defensive driver, using safety tips that can help keep you and your car free from harm. Some insurance companies even give a discount to those who complete a defensive driving class, since driving defensively helps protect you and your car.

Some of the hazards in life are from others getting frustrated on the road, having what has become known as “road rage.” When suffering from road rage, the driver is angry and gets out of control, not thinking clearly. Sometimes other drivers are distracted or under the influence of another substance, like alcohol, drugs, or prescription medicine. Safety tips for defensive driving can help you avoid common errors in driving.

Tips For Better Drivers

First and foremost – don’t speed! Believe me, there is nowhere that is so important that racing through the yellow light or changing lanes frequently is going to help you. Usually, the most you will shave off your trip is a minute or two anyhow, if that. Plan ahead and leave a few minutes sooner. This safety tip for defensive driving can help you arrive in a better mindset than if you race and dash ahead the whole way to your destination.

Along the same lines, don’t run red lights. In many communities, they have installed cameras at the locations that tend to have drivers crossing on red. Although society may pressure you into observing the laws, you should not run yellow lights even when there is no automatic ticket for running the light.

If you notice your mind is starting to wander, take a moment to refocus and pay more attention to your surroundings and how you are driving. In other words, this safety tip for defensive driving is to get your mind off auto-pilot and into careful, aware, driving.

If want to drive defensively, a safety tip is to allow space around your car. In front, leave at least two to three car lengths between you and the car in front. If someone is following you too closely – tailgating – allow them to pass you at the soonest opportunity. They can speed ahead if they want, but they won’t be on your tail any more.

Use your car horn judiciously. It is intended to be used to warn others if dangerous situation. Instead, some use it as a greeting to others, or as a “honk if you love Jesus” bumper sticker method of poll-taking. It may not seem to be a matter of safety, but as a tip for defensively driving, the right use of the horn is important.

In a nutshell, be flexible. A safety tip for defensive driving wouldn’t be complete unless it were stressed that even if you’re doing your best to keep the laws, if someone else is doing something dangerous, stay aware and accommodate that person. Often, this is best done by staying out of their way. If you are at a stop sign and have the right of way, if someone else wants to go first, let them go, even if it isn’t their turn.