A helpful guide to car painting prices

You may be thinking of painting that not so new car you bought. Or maybe your old car looks like it could use some restoration. Whatever the case, a car paint job is going to cost you some money. Currently, car painting prices can vary greatly, from several hundred dollars to several thousand. So knowing more about the real deal in car painting prices can help you determine the appropriate amount.

The most reasonable determinant is the size of your vehicle. Car painting prices for small compact cars will have lower prices than great big Hummers. This is not solely based on the volume of paint being used but also the labor and time involved in painting the vehicle.

Car painting prices will also vary based on how much area has to be covered up or removed before the painting process. These are some areas that you do not want to have paint like decorative items as well as the obvious parts like windows, bumpers and lights.

Do you want a different color from the existing one? If the color is not the same, the old paint will have to be stripped completely before the new coat can be applied. This involves substantial labor and will certainly drive up the car painting price.

When it comes to the actual painting, the quality of the paint would likely determine the car painting price. High-end, premium quality paint that resists peeling or flaking will fetch a higher price than ordinary paint. The layers of paint applied will also jack up the car painting price. For a enduring paint job with a deeper shine, several layers are required, meaning more paint will be consumed.

Finally, and possibly, the most important factor: the labor. An excellent paint job would need a lot of preparation plus care and attention to details. This is where car painting prices vary the most. If you are getting quality labor, you have to pay top-end prices but you will definitely be delighted with the results. Plus, if you are requiring specialized work done or any kind of customization, this would definitely increase the car painting price.