Car paint colors: A guide for car owners

Regardless if you are buying a new car or repainting your old one, choosing the car paint color is not that easy at all. There are various choices out there and it can get very complicated for someone who has not already made up his mind at all. But it is extremely important to consider well before you commit to a color because a snap decision could mean an expensive mistake!

Here are a few factors which you should consider when choosing the car paint color.

1) The car model

For obvious reasons, some cars look good in certain colors. Luxury sedans show even more refinement in elegant, classy car paint colors like black and silver. Sports cars and muscle cars have such macho personalities that they deserve a bright and loud paint job to make it look good. Small compact cars are typically cute-looking and are suited with the more unusual shades of blues and greens and even purples.

2) Your personality There are some who wants to stand out while others simply want to blend in. What type of personality have you got? For those who prefer to be noticed, a funky car paint color will be very satisfying, just as shades like beige and brown would suit those preferring to disappear into the crowd. You have to take note that brightly painted cars can really attract the attention of traffic cops!

3) The resale value of the car If you are thinking of selling the car later, just remember that classic car paint colors like silver, black and white have higher resale value. Cars in such colors tend to resell much more easily as compared to those with a bright canary yellow. However, because of that greater ease in reselling, those very colors can make the vehicle more attractive to thieves as well!4) Climate and use If you reside in the tropics or have humid weather, choosing a black or dark car paint color should be avoided if possible. If you drive most frequently at nights, such dark colors will also not be wise. How about dirt and dust? These are very visible on car paint colors like black or white, so if you are not up to regularly cleaning your car, darker shades works well.