How to choose shops for car paint jobs

A great car paint job can make your vehicle look very new. But how do you determine which auto body shop will give you the best paint job possible and not one that will leave you frustrated and upset?

Basically, you need to do some research on some shops. Frequently, people go into an auto shop and hand over their vehicles, expecting a car paint job that would restore the former glory of their cars. But if you neglect to consider important things, you can surely end up frustrated.

Here are tips that can help you:

Are there vehicles with new car paint jobs parked outside the auto shop, drying with the masking tape still on place? That indicates a bad sign. Allowing the cars to dry in the sun shows that dust and any number of other contaminants will have the chance to get attached to the still-wet paint.

Are there many installed lights and exhaust fans in the shop? The lights assists with the drying of the car paint jobs and the fans suck out the dust and other particles so the paint won’t absorb them.

Check carefully the newly-painted cars. Is there paint where there should not be any, especially around the windows, license plates, lights, bumpers and tires?

What is the quality of service from the staff? Did they conduct careful examination of your car? Have they asked you significant questions? If they give you a price and a delivery time for your car paint job only after a glance at your vehicle, you can sense that this is not the right shop for you.

Are the price and the delivery time realistic? Quality takes time and comes at a price. Anything that is too low-priced or too quick can indicate that low quality material is being used, not enough effort is being taken and the labor is mediocre. A good car paint job requires a lot of attention to details.

Lastly, inquire about the warranty. Ensuring that the paint will not flake or peel is one thing. Guaranteeing that the car is rust proofed is also another matter. You want to know what you are getting out of that car paint job.