How to have wonderful car paint design

Sure Xzibit has MTV to promote him for the pimping of the cars on his TV show. How about you? Do you have enough resources to actually pimp your ride? If not, then settle with the first thing that people would notice about your car aside from the model, the car paint design. Car paint designs were rampant in this decade because of advances in technology, the TV shows and the numerous racing movies that basically has every car paint design that are amazing to look at. But what do you really need to have a great looking car paint without overdoing it?

First, select a design that goes well with your personality. If you want it simple, choose the minimalist tribal designs. If you like blazing fire, go for the flame designs. The internet presents a very wide selection of car paint designs. You can also select designs from forums or in art websites such as The internet presents advantages because you can combine the ideas you have to that of the samples you have found. Apart from the internet, movies such as the Fast and Furious series can also help. The cars in the movies give you many options for car paint designs and car accessories too. Definitely, you can also watch past episodes of Pimp My Ride on YouTube so you can have more ideas.When getting designs and putting ideas together, be certain to make yours as original as possible. Copying another guys car paint design is not as unique as designing your own.

When you’ve finally decided on the car paint design that you want, go to the service centers or paint shops that give you the best service and quality for the paint job. Get a painter who is good with the design and the one who can make it look neat. Make sure you have extra cash if you really want that car paint design done clean. Some painters may require added talent fees because the design may be too hard to do. Also, decide on materials which are best suited for your design. For great results, experiment with variations like metallic shades, accessories to go with the car paint design and definitely, the attitude that goes along with the pimped car.