Basics of Scooter Engine

Scooters have been in existence for quite some time already that there now many types of scooter engines. While a lot of people do not care much for these, it may be practical if you know more about them if plan to buy a scooter or own one. Here some of the things that you need to know about a scooter engine.

Each scooter engine have a corresponding size which is measured in cc. They sizes vary from 50cc up to 800cc. Moped scooters even have less than 50cc engines. This is important to know as the size of the scooter engine determines its speed. However, larger scooter engines requires more gas and have less mileage so do not forget this fact if you want to buy a new scooter.

Another essential thing that you have to know about a scooter engine is the difference between a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke engine. A two-stroke scooter engine is not heave and has less moving parts so only a small amount of power is lost on friction and inertia.

They also have the ability to produce twice as much power strokes with the same engine revolutions. Due to this, they have a faster rate of acceleration and they are easier to start.

However, almost all of two stroke engine is being phased out nowadays because they are very fuel-inefficient due to the fact that they must always burn oil to lubricate the engine. As a result, such engines get less mileage. Additionally, they are also prone to wear and tear which makes them have a shorter lifespan.

On the other hand, a four-stroke scooter engine has a more dependable way of providing power to the scooter. It has a great ags mileage and is very easy to maintain as you can change the oil in it within just 15 minutes. A four stroke scooter engine is also compatible with fuel injection, making them even more efficient and environmental-friendly.