Kick Scooters 101

Kick scooters are metal platforms that have handlebars and can be ridden as a means of transportation for places involving short distances. Similar to a skateboard, the rider pushes off the kick scooter through his or her foot while gripping the handlebars. Most kick scooters nowadays have two wheels, are made of aluminum because of its lightness, and are foldable for portability and easier storage. Though kick scooters are usually believed to be a kid’s toy by most people, there are actually a lot of forms of it and here are some of them

The prototype of kick scooters have been around for about a century already.

It was created by adding roller skate wheels to a wooden board with a handle.

To steer this type of kick scooter, you have to lean on the side or the direction where you want to turn.

The present-day aluminum scooter was made on the late 1990s by Wim Oubother of Switzerland, who was under the employment of Micro Mobility Systems. At the same time in the United States, the Razor brand of scooters became well-known as well. At present, these two scooter brands are still the most famous kick scooters in the market. In addition, their target customers are kids and adolescents who are into freestyle or extreme scooter.

Even though majority of kick scooters are marketed for young people, there is also a form of scooter that is actually designed for adults. These adult kick scooters have bigger wheels, sturdier structure, a hand brake, and wider and longer decks that is capable of carrying big adults.

Finally, there are also kick scooters which uses bicycle wheels in order to make them faster, even ideal for racing. These are called kickbikes and they can be ridden off-road due to their big wheels that can withstand rough terrains. For this reason, they are also named as mountain scooters. Kickbikes may also be employed for commuting with their increased speed, and also for dog scootering wherein dogs pull the scooter with a rider, the same as how a sled is pulled in the snow.