Simple Tricks for Extreme Scooters

Many people believe those kick scooters are just play things for kids but in actuality, there are extreme scooters. Extreme scooters denote the utilization of kick scooters in order to conduct awesome gravity-defying stunts and tricks. They are considered as a form of extreme sports along with skateboarding, BMX, and aggressive inline skating, because of the high level of inherent danger that people who engage in it face. Extreme scooters and skateboards have somehow very similar shapes so a lot of its tricks were based from skateboarding. If you want to learn easy tricks for extreme scooters, here is a tutorial on how to do some of them:

One of the most basic tricks for extreme scooters is the bunny hop wherein the rider jumps while riding the scooter. To do this, simply put your stronger foot on the back, grab the handlebars tightly, and jump up while lifting the scooter along the way. If you can do this well already, you can attempt it on ramps or curbs for a lengthier hang time. Bunny hops are essential as it is a requirement for other more complicated tricks.

Another trick for extreme scooters is labeled as the X-up. To do this, you need to execute a bunny hop with a considerable amount of hang time. Then by the time you are in the air, twist your arms in a fast motion for 180 degrees while gripping the handlebars, then resuming to its initial position prior to hitting the ground.

An additional trick that you can accomplish on extreme scooters is the tailwhip. To execute this trick, do a bunny hop first, then while airborne, kick the board using either foot and allow it to swing around full circle underneath you. Keep in mind that you need to land with your feet on the board, so you may find difficulty with the timing on your initial tries. However, by the time you can do it flawlessly, it is a very spectacular trick to show to other people.

Although these tricks for extreme scooters that are mentioned here are somehow easy, always keep in mind to use safety gears like pads and helmets when executing them so as to lessen the risk of any injury. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.