Three Wheel Scooter

A three wheel scooter is a kind of a mobility scooter which only has three wheels. A three wheel scooter can be utilized by people who have a medical condition that disables their walking ability or for elderly people. It also serves as a nice alternative to a wheelchair, even to its motorized version, as it does not convey the stigma of being disabled to the patient, which makes some people ashamed of their condition.

There are several advantages of a three wheel scooter over a four wheel scooter. First, its single front wheel give it’s a better turn radius.

This makes it more maneuverable than its four wheeled counterpart so it is more ideal to use on tight and crowded spaces. The length of mobility scooters makes it hard for them to go around corners and the design of three wheel scooter can help compensate for this weakness.

On more advantage of a three wheel scooter is that it is less heavier than a four wheel scooter. In other words, it is more portable. There are also three wheel scooter models that can be separated into a few piece so that it will fit in a car trunk. On the other hand, four wheel scooters are more bulky and some of them cannot even be disassembled. You can only take it on a far place when you have a very large vehicle that can carry it.

While there are a lot of advantages of a three wheel scooter, it also has its share of limitations. Since it only has three wheels, it is less stable than its four wheel counterpart. This kind of scooter can tip over easily, making it risky for patients. As a result, most three wheel scooters, are usually utilized on indoors only since the rough outdoor terrain is not advisable for the scooter. You can still make use of it outdoors if you know that the road surface is not rough. And because it is lighter, it only has a lower load capacity.

When all things are considered, a three wheel scooter can still be a reliable and handy transportation utility for people that have special medical needs.