Sundowner Horse Trailers for Horse Owners

The living quarters or Sundowner was the first launch that had to deal with complex change and challenges. They had the innovation of horse trailers specifically in living quarters .

When it comes to attention to detail and comfort, Sundowner Horse Trailers have a few more to offer from the many horse trailer editions . They made it to make sure that additional level of comfort, and quality and eye appeal are present to the trailers .

Glass shower doors, comfortable innerspring mattresses, improved lighting over the shower and head room, are some of the details that the living quarters of sundowner horse trailers have.

The company noted of the impressive mirror boards and nightstands to make up for the largest sleeping area possible and raised panel cabinet to compliment the floor plans to use other useful furnishings at hand.

A full 8-year warranty and 3-year bumper warranty is offered by Sundowner Horse Trailers from the other trailers around . From the past records, this has been the longest warranty . Apart from the useful features of the sundowner horse trailers, it also have a padded butt bar, telescoping rear divider, padded dividers, full height cam latch and others .

Typically, dimensions of a typical trailers from the shops are 40 wide stalls while sundowner horse trailers have 42 wide stalls . Aside from these, a dome light in the horse area and to drop-down feed doors are also installed in the trailers that extends up to the windows on the rump side .

You can customize your own sundowner horse trailers from its safety precaution, room space and best value for price . Horses will be comfortable with each of his needs fulfilled, as this is considered as the most important factor in selecting a trailer .

To give you the same relaxing atmosphere that a home have, kitchen amenities of sundowner horse trailers are made to put the owner at ease with shower glass doors and walk-in closets. The trailer parts like water pump and others are made to work with most of the states and the walls, floors and ceilings have R7 insulation.